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Best As Seen on TV Products

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How To Buy Furniture Directly From North Carolina

My husband and I decided to replace our master bedroom set in Mid 99. This time we felt a durable king size complete set, including bed, dresser, mirror, night stand/bachelor chest and wardrobe/armoire, is what we looked for. After spending two months looking around in New Jersey, we became more and more convinced that only the high end furniture had the quality and size we UNIQUE

FURNITURE11, FURNITURE22 SALES, FURNITURE SHOPPING, NORTH33 CAROLINA44 FURNITURE55, FURNITURE66 CLEARANCE77, QUALITY FURNITURE88, NAME BRAND FURNITURE99 were interested in. However, there were two problems: the prices in Huffman Koos' (a New Jersey high end furniture store) were too high, and among the sets we had seen, none of their styles were ideal to us. Since we didn't want to pay Huffman Koos' prices and we didnít want to pay for something not exactly what we were looking for, we explored other possibility ....

So my husband started to ask around and search on the Internet. Bits and pieces, we got enough information to shop directly with North Carolina furniture stores by phone. But we decided to visit North Carolina anyway, just for the experience of it. We found a "perfect set" while we were in NC which is the "Concentrics" bedroom set made by Stanley at a low, low price.

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