Digital UV Card

~ Credit Card Size ~

Great Personal UV Monitor


Brand New UV Monitors

Super Small Credit Card Size

Dimension: 3 1/4" X 2 1/8"

Thickness: 1/8"

Also Tells Temperature

Sunshine is favorable to health, it can promote the human blood circulation, strengthen the oxygen absorption of blood, and it is especially important to the health of the body.

However, sunshine has an adverse effect: strong ultraviolet rays can damage skin, and cause variation to cells, resulting in a malignant skin pathological changes. With the hand-sized UV card, you have protection. Credit card size designed UV Card in an attractive package that you can put on your show rack and sell it immediately.

- Induct the current UV intensity in 3 seconds.
- LCD display.
- With 8 levels (1~8).
- Display the current temperature (F/C) .
- Credit card size design for easy carrying around
- Battery included

Let Sun Be Your Good Friend!


When UV Level is 1~3, it is safe for you to do:  



When UV Level is 4~6, it's time to enjoy:  



When UV is 7~8, tree shade and tent are better bet:  




Price: US $5.50 each



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